David Lindes

The Immigrant Experience
in Music and Prose

“Mi tierra - Homeland” combines 8 original songs and personal narratives by author and singer-songwriter David Lindes, that explore his experience as a Latin American immigrant in the U.S., arriving at 9 years old. From his daydreams about the version of the U.S. he saw on TV, to his longing, as an adult, for the version of him that died when he left his home country, Lindes presents his experience with transparency and candor. The result is an intimate, vulnerable, moving work.



“No one told me the night I packed my Ninja Turtles action figures into a blue vinyl suitcase at nine years old that this initial journey to San Francisco would sentence me to a lifetime of longing.” 



Cantautor cubano-canadiense Alex Cuba, ganador de varios Latin Grammy y un premio Juno.

“I’m certain that many, like me, will find, as they read this work, a part of their own lives couched in each page of this adventure, and that these words will do the world the same good they’ve done me today.”

Alex Cuba

Award-winning songwriter and writer of the foreword.


A brief reading from the work:



from the author

I wrote my story not because it’s unusual, but because it’s common, and still, beautiful. For me, capturing my experience in music and prose was a way to honor it. Our story—of Latin American immigrants in the U.S.—deserves to be called art. Now, more than ever, when the “leader of the free world” and many others doubt our human worth, our dignity, and our beauty, it is essential to find our voice and use it in our own defense, not to destroy the ideas of others, but to allow our own to bloom, and show the world who we are.