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david lindes

writer, singer-songwriter


Peace With a Lion

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Forgiveness is not a gift to the aggressor, but a declaration of independence for the aggrieved.



Mi tierra - Homeland

My musical memoir, “Mi tierra - Homeland,” chronicles my journey from Guatemala to the United States in 8 personal narratives, each accompanied by an original song and included in both Spanish an English. You can pre-order it now in both digital and print formats!

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Chapter 1: Never Home

Come read the first chapter of my upcoming book, “Mi tierra - Homeland,” now available on my new blog.

“Y es que este país no es solo un tramo de tierra cualquiera. Nunca lo ha sido. Siempre ha poseído un atractivo supernatural, un ingrediente mágico.”

“See, this country isn’t some common stretch of dirt. It never has been. It’s always possessed an otherworldly allure, a sense of magic.”

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