David Lindes

peace with a lion

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For the last 6 years, I've been searching for my biological father.

He abandoned our family when I was an infant in Guatemala City, and I haven't seen him since. For years I was convinced his departure hadn't hurt me. The pain was hiding. When my oldest son was born, a dam gave way and the pain poured back into my life. That's when I knew there was something there. Something I should seek out. Something I should honor. 





The Music


The Writing

I recently wrote an article for PRI's The World about the experience so far. 

PRI Baby.jpeg

"When I first saw his picture on Facebook, it sent a coded message straight to my body, bypassing my brain altogether.But my arms, my chest, my large intestine — they all knew, instinctively, reflexively, and without need of further evidence, that they were looking at a previous iteration of themselves. That, they said to me, is your father." 



In the next 24 months, I will be producing an album, directing a documentary, and writing a book on this search. My hope is that using every medium available to me to capture, document, and share this story will reach the innermost workings of others on similar searches. The project will take many months of travel, research, writing, filming, songwriting, editing, etc.  


The Book

Writing is already under way, and will continue throughout the rest of my search, to whatever end it comes.  


The Album

The album's first track has been written (Peace With A Lion, above). It, along with others yet unwritten, will be released as a professional studio recording. 


The Documentary

I will travel to Guatemala City to retrace my biological father's footsteps and try to put together a picture of him in his absence. 



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